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Handmade 12MM Tiger Eyes Pixiu Fengshui Wrist Malas Bracelet

12MM Pixiu Fengshui Bracelet
12MM Pixiu Fengshui Bracelet
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Product Description

The Handmade 12MM Tiger Eyes Pixiu Fengshui Wrist Malas Bracelet was handmade by the Tibetan Craftsmen from fine genuine Tiger eyes beads. Consecration. Beads size: 12mm. Pixiu size: 38mm*23mm*15mm. Adjustable.
According to ancient history, Pi Xiu is the Ninth Son of the Dragon and it is an auspicious and powerful celestial creature that brings good fortune. Initially, it was said that the Make is known as Pi while the Female is known as xiu. However, as generations passed down, there is no longer a difference of sex; instead, it was placed as a single Feng Shui display item. This celestial being is a very fierce and powerful creature known to travel through the Heaven and Earth, ward off evil and protect the properties. It looks more or less like a Qilin but it is much fatter, has a single long and thick horn, a lion dog like face, hoofs of a horse and little wings on both sides of its body plus a big strong tail.

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