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How to make Chinese Knot Chinese Endless Knot

How to make the Endless Knot?
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Product Description

The Chinese Endless Knot means health, safety and security, and good luck in life and career. People like to make this knot as a phone pendant, a bracelet knot, a tibetan malas knot, and as a bead bracelet knot. Many mala bead bracelets and 108 bead malas are finished with this decorative and beautiful knot.


Note: The visual instructions below show a cord with different colors so you can see how to make the knot. You only need one strand to make the knot!

Step 1

endless knot image

Step 2

malas endless knot image

Step 3

tibetan malas knot image

Step 4

buddhist malas knot image

Step 5

finshed malas knot image

Step 6

(This step just repeat step 1 to step 5).

?#60;IMG height=228 alt="malas knot image" src="" width=252>

Once you complete this step, make some adjustments and tighten, and there you have an endless knot!

mala beads bracelet

This knot is also one of the eight sacred symbols in Buddhist culture. For more tibetan jewelry, please visit our website www.bddhist-malas

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