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Jujube mala jujube 108 beads rosewood malas rosewood prayer beads

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Our jujube or jube 108 beads malas and rosary bracelet were made from jujube wood (The wood was taken from jujube three when lightning struck the Jujube tree). You can still feel the power of the thunder in it.

Scented Rosewood (Huanghuali) (pronounced wong-fa-lee in Cantonese or huang-hua-lee in Mandarin) the name translates to "yellowed flowering pear wood". Native to China/Hainan island. Has a shimmering golden/amber to red figure like Cocobolo but finer and less grotesque. Used on the best Ming & Qing dynasty furniture.
Hainan rose wood (scented rosewood) ( Huanghuali Wood ),(yellow rose wood) is very rare hardwood in the world . very beautiful !! Rare to be collected. High quality

Get a special mala for you, with the true understanding of how to use the mala, and the true love to life and the world.